Become a Unyti member.


Shop with members and accumulate points. More points means more value available for purchase.


More savings…more value…at a greater discount.

Unyti for U?

For consumers, Unyti is a rewards and loyalty program designed to help save every day people as much as possible by simply shopping with local merchants that accept Unyti as a form of payment.

How Unyti Works for U

When you invest in others, Unyti will invest in you. With every dollar you spend with participating members you earn the ability to buy Value. For example: if you spend $300.00 shopping with our merchant members, you can buy $3.00 in Value owned by Unyti. That may seem small, but that adds up to big savings!

Deeper Discounts

The more you spend, the more you save. When we put up Value, it’s at a steep discount of up to 50%, which can really add up. For example:

Joe’s Pizza pays us in Value for advertising. We put it up for sale at our standard 10% off. If you buy $50 of it, you save 10%. In the future, we sell it again for 40% off and you buy another $50. If you spent 100 Value at Joe’s Pizza, it would then only cost you $75 for $100 worth of pizza! Yum…

Unyti discounts are not unlimited…

…in fact, they are extremely limited. They are limited in the following ways:

1 – If you don’t spend $10.00 you can’t buy $10.00 in Unyti-owned value. In short, if you don’t put in, you don’t take out.

2 – Your discount is limited to the amount of you spend. Please see the terms and conditions for more details.

3 – You can only trade Value with another member if that member has equally invested in participating members. Meaning that if you, having spent $100.00 with merchant members wish to trade Value in your wallet with another member, they too must have spent $100.00 with other members.

4 – Lastly and most importantly, you cannot sell Value unless you sign up for a payment processing account with one of our approved payment providers. This is for the security of our customer members.

For a full set of other details or if you are looking for answers to your questions, please feel free to check out our Knowledge Base or our FAQs

Safe Payments

With Unyti you never have to worry about your Value not being accepted. If a merchant doesn’t accept it, we will make it right by giving you either a credit towards future Value, or award you Value from another venue.


In light of the world’s financial problems, you can rest assured that with every dollar you purchase in Unyti, you will save, save, save.