Do you need workers, freelancers, or other contractors to do work for you? Or are you looking to possibly franchise your own business? Well, with Unyti’s job portal and freelancer service you can get the workers you need using a payment method that brings your dollars back home to you. Furthermore, if you act now, you can get all of these valuable features all-in-one.

Here’s how it works

1. Click on the (Dont know what I am going to call it yet) logo in the Unyti Exchange Portal, and you will be routed to our freelancer marketplace.

2. Once there, simply select the subscription and…

3. Use your Unyti Trade Account Number to complete your subscription purchase

4. When you do, you will gain access to all the freelance workers and contractor that are willing to work for “FOOD”.

5. Select their services and make a deposit for the work

6. Upon completion of the work your stored value is transferred to their account.

7. The worker can then sell that stored value to customer’s everywhere for cash.

8. You simply redeem it during the customer’s checkout.

9. Your invoice is then paid in full.

Now that you can use your “true” value to get services from people across the country or around the world, why would you pay cash ever again? Especially when every dollar spent in value can bring you a customer in return?


To subscribe to this program, click the button below and you will be routed to the subscription page. Ad the subscription to the cart, and complete your subscription purchase by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, entering your Unyti Trade Account number, and submitting your order.

What do you have to lose?

Unyti is free.

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