How Unyti Works For Merchants

Like barter or trade, you make a purchase for a good or service from another Unyti merchant. When you do, Unyti will create Value on your behalf, and transfer it to the selling Unyti member. The selling member can then redeem the sold Value created by Unyti, or they are free to sell it for cash, trade it with another member, donate it to charity, or give it as a gift.

No catches. No gimmicks. No games.

The Foundation

At it’s core, Unyti is an integrity-based, relationship-driven payment method uniquely-designed to serve two basic needs: Save merchants money in their relentless quest towards prosperity and drive more business back through their doors.


Value is created when you put up yours for sale, or when you pay us a fee, for any package amount. It could be $10, $20 packages, or anything else!


When it’s redeemed at your store, you can then choose to use that Value yourself or trade it.


Or you can also choose to monetize your Value or you can donate it to local nonprofits who will do the same.

Our Rates and Fees


In the seller’s Value at the point of sale. This does not include Trades, Gifts or Donations.


When you pay a fee we…

…we sell it, that’s what we do.

That’s right, with every fee you pay to Unyti, we use that fee to bring more customers back to you. It’s too easy. Simply accept the invoice we generate and pay in Value. When you do, we divide the fee, (in most cases) and sell it off at 10, 20, and even as much as 50% off. This allows more customers to shop with you. When they buy, we earn and we only get cash when the Value is sold. You only feel the fee at the cash register – with a customer you got through us. It’s a fair and equitable trade.

As others pay their fee we…

…allow you to trade your Value for theirs.

You see, we just stepped up the game for you. Trade your Value for Value that we have from other members simply by making a request. After getting it, it’s your Value to spend or sell as you see fit.