Sounding the Alarm

Since time immemorial, non-profit organizations have relied heavily on the dollar to provide the means to garner the necessary resources to operate. However, in light of today’s serious economic problems, many of these nonprofit organizations simply cannot afford to sustain themselves much less their community any longer. Unyti provides an alternative that does not inherently rely on traditional currency.

How can we benefit?

Here are two suggested ways to use Unyti to make your next fundraiser an incredible success.

One more thing…

Donations don’t just help you and the people you serve. Since donations have an assigned monetary value, based on $1 for 1 Value, donations are tax deductible, even though a vendor pays out of their own Value and consumers buy the Value at a discount. They can actually profit from donating to you. So for them, and for you, there’s nothing to lose – and all to gain.

Wait, that’s it?

No, not even close.

Introducing the Tameion Project

The Tameion Project is the nonprofit arm of Unyti. We’re saving most of the details for over there. We really meant what we said when we understand that nonprofits are the lifeblood of our communities and we want you to join us. Please visit us at

What do you have to lose?

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