Privacy Policy

Unyti’s Privacy Policy covers our treatment of all the personal information that we gather when a user accesses or uses the website. Regardless of whether or not you have accessed them through our website, this policy does not apply to the practices of those companies, individuals, websites, and services that we do not own, manage or control. Every interaction with our Application or Website automatically generates information from the mobile device and/or computer or browser. This information includes the universal ID#, IP address, cookie information, and the requested page. A record of all of it is kept on the server logs that help us recognize your browser or device, the pages in our website that were visited and by how many people.

The information so collected is used in aggregate form and in a manner that ensures the users’ anonymity. Our partners have access to this aggregate usage data as this helps them understand how frequently and for what purpose(s) our site is being used by people. This further assists our partners in providing you with the optimal user experience. Placing a cookie on your device, for example, can help us keep track of what products and services you seek and have viewed in the past on our website and then provide you with relevant recommendations and ads. There will be additional information about similar products that might be available either with us or third parties associated with us. It is provided in a non-personally-identifiable manner to a third party website that you may frequent.

Depending on the product, service, or resource requested. We may be required to share your information with the third party businesses to fulfill your request. Any and all information given or collected by using the chat platform will be collected and saved. Any information gathered may be used or shared third-party individual or businesses.

Unyti may contact the user by push notifications, emails and/or other means. In case you do not wish to be contacted via any of these means, feel free to indicate the same by altering your account preferences or settings accordingly.

We DO NOT rent or sell a user’s personal information in personally identifiable or any other form to anyone. We, however, DO share a user’s personal information only in the following manner:

Access to your personal information is granted in personally identifiable form only to third parties in situations where they (businesses or third party websites we’re affiliated with) may provide or may have provided services to you through the Website (either alone or jointly with This is to ensure that you can recognize it when any of our affiliated businesses is associated with such a transaction or service rendered. Do note that your personal information will be shared with that affiliated business only to the extent deemed suitable by us in relation to the transaction or service.

Unyti from time to time may employ services of certain companies, individuals, websites and/or agents to perform certain tasks on its behalf. This may require us to share a user’s personal information to enable them to provide products and/or services to the user. Note that our agents DO NOT have any right to use this personal information otherwise or beyond what is deemed necessary to assist us ( in performing such tasks.

In certain cases, a user’s personal information may be released. This is when Unyti believes in good faith that this release would be necessary to:

Comply with laws;

Enforce or apply our conditions of use;

Enforce or apply our other agreements;

Protect the rights, property, or safety of the website Unyti;

Protect the rights of our employees, users, or members or others.

Unyti may require exchanging a user’s personal information with third parties such as websites, companies, and organizations both government and private to ensure fraud protection and credit risk reduction. A user will be notified in case their personal information is shared with any third parties, companies or organizations except as set forth in this Privacy Policy. Thus, this enables any user to prevent the sharing of their personal information.

Important Notice: the website may contain links to other sites, pages, blogs, etc. Note that we are NOT responsible for the privacy policies, terms of use or agreement and/or practices on those sites. Do make sure to read that site’s privacy policy when following any link to another site.

Our users also get the opportunity to interact with their Facebook friends and share their experiences online using our social platform connect feature. You need to be logged into both Unyti and Facebook, to use the website’s social connection function.

Unyti will link your Facebook profile with your account on Unyti in case the email addresses match. In case they don’t, you can still link them after you have confirmed that you are the controller of both the accounts.

In case you are logged into Unyti but not into Facebook, on using our social media connect feature you will be prompted to enter your Facebook details for a successful login. Unyti will be granted permission to access your Facebook profile information and to use it in accordance with its terms of use and this Privacy Policy if you decide to proceed through any of these procedures.

Joining Unyti through Facebook

In case you are not registered on Unyti as a user, you can join us by simply using our Facebook connection. Our social media connect function will ask you to enter your Facebook credentials and then provide you the option of registering and joining Unyti. Managing your Unyti activities on Facebook becomes easy. To know more please refer to your social website account’s privacy settings.

What Qualifies As Public Content?

Your posts, reviews, comments and ratings, associated email address and/or Facebook or other social network profile linked herein (your full name, screen name, profile picture, location, and profile link) will be for public viewing. By joining Unyti you are consenting to give us or our Site and/or App full permission to access, display and further distribute all this content to associated third parties or sites or organizations (government or private) or a wider audience. In case of any query or confusion, feel free to express your concerns regarding this Privacy Policy at We will be delighted to assist you.