Unyti About Us

Let’s face it…Running a business in today’s world isn’t easy and from the looks of things it’s not gonna get any easier.

If you’re like most business owners you need cash flow, clever thinking, and a constant stream of customers just to keep the doors open and your operation running as smooth as possible. But with competition from major companies, uncertainty over the future you need the ability, more importantly a partner that is going to help you keep as much of your hard earned money as possible.

This is where Unyti comes in!

Located in Birmingham, Alabama and connected all around the world, Unyti serves as an open source platform to the business world both as a cooperative and as an exchange.

As a cooperative, Unyti gives small business owners a portal that will allow them to conduct business with one another in way that drives both cash and consumers back into their doors. By offering a suite of products and services Unyti’s patent-pending system will entice just about any merchant with a need to become part of this incredible movement without ever spending cash for cooperative services.

As an exchange, Unyti allows merchants in the barter and trade community the ability to create, promote, and sale their own currency to generate cash and customers. With Unyti’s patent-pending Barter and Trade Conversion system members can even convert their existing barter and trade dollars into real-cash advantages for themselves and real-life incentives for their existing customers.