Your Community….Restored.

Wherever you go, Unyti is there. Anywhere you look, you will find it. And it is certainly visible inside the local community. However, today’s communities are in need of a revival. Not one brought about by a global economy, but from the smallest of ecosystems. The power of relationship.

Reinvent Local

Local isn’t the city in which we reside, it’s the neighborhood in which we live. And from the largest of cities and the smallest of towns people are returning to that sense of community. It’s here that we find our identity and our purpose. In short, we are rediscovering ourselves and what is important. Each other.

Rebuilding Community

Communities once became famous for the things they produced. Just say their name, and immediately your mind is instantly reminded of what made that city or town famous. With Unyti, we can begin making our community name mean something once again. By having unity and using Unyti with one another we can accomplish more than we could ever dream.


Looking to kill two birds with one stone? Well then don’t just settle for the one in your hand. Set it free, and allow it to bring you together with others just like you. Why wait?

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Are you wanting to save as much as 50% off simply by exchanging your cash for Unyti value? If the answer is yes, then what’s stopping you?

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For those daring to dream, we dare you! And we dare you to do it with Unyti. If you have an adventurer’s heart and a desire to forge your own way, then don’t follow the same path as others. With Unyti you can tap into our startup studio of businesses and potential partners that will truly help you succeed because your success is their success. With unlimited opportunities to chose from what do you have to lose by reaching out?

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Are you an Empire Of One? You know, the solo artist gifted in an art or skill that allows you to work when you want, from wherever you want? If so, then why not come into Unyti with others just like you. Be bold. Empower yourself.

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Are you bored? Retired? Or, are you simply looking for a little extra dough? Then have you considered becoming a Unyti Affiliate?

At Unyti, Affiliate can earn real value and real cash simply by helping to support local Unyti members.

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Cities and towns across the country have relied on the dollar for their strength and stability. By doing so, they have forgotten what truly makes the community great. It’s people. Through Unyti, local governments, public works departments, and utility companies can work with local merchants and consumers to further their community bonds with every dollar spent.

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At Unyti, we believe our churches, our mosques, synagogues, and other community-related organizations help form the backbone of the community. At Unyti, we support and reward local causes that help to support and mold their members in a positive way.

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Whosoever Will

People are what make our world great. And it’s extraordinary people that dare to dream and make a difference. At Unyti, we provide the means for the dreamer to dream the impossible, the visionary to see the invisible come to life, and the powerless rise.

Come experience Unyti!

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